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Burning tips to get the most out of your candle

To create a steady and efficient burn rate, trim the wick of your luxury cocosoy candle to 5mm prior to re-lighting If your wick leans more to one side, after extinguishing the flame use a matchstick to gently straighten and re-centre the wick while the wax  is still liquid , this will help to create an even burn

Never Leave A Burning Candle Unattended

Always extinguish candles when leaving a room or before going to sleep. 


Always snuff out the flame. Do not blow it out

 For safety, use a candle snuffer or wick dipper or simply place the candle lid on the vessel when putting out a candle. This will stop the plume of smoke/soot and reduce the risk of hot wax  spattering back up in your face.


Trim wick to about 5mm before lighting

Before lighting your candle always trim the wick with a wick trimmer or scissors. If the wick is too long,the flame will become too high, a lump of carbon might form resulting in the wick to soot. If the candle smokes, repeatedly flickers or the flame isn’t controlled  then put out the flame, trim the wick & relight.


Burn candles out of the reach of children and pets

Never place lit candles where they can be easily knocked over by anyone, especially children and pets.


Do not place candles in a draft 

Keep candles out of drafts to prevent uneven burning & sooting. Be aware that lightweight curtains can waft into the flame if in a draft.


Do not move a burning candle or hot wax melt burner

Moving a candle can cause the flame to flicker & soot. Do not move a wax burner whilst it is being used, you could spill hot wax which could burn your skin  or cause damage to fabrics.


Do not allow the candle to burn out completely

Put out candles when they have burnt down to about 2cm from their holders. If a candle burns down completely it can cause burn marks or even start a fire, as a glass holder can crack.

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