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Heart & Soul is a small independent business run by me, Tanya Russo, from my new shop in Whilton, Daventry, Northamptonshire. I have always wanted to have my own business, but trying to work out what my 'niche' was, was the tricky part.

After some rather disappointing candle purchases, I started experimenting with making my own in the autumn of 2018, it wasn't as easy as I naively assumed, so over 18 months there was a common theme of practising, getting frustrated and giving up! Practising, getting frustrated….you get the picture! However, when Covid hit us all in 2020 I not only had some time to fill but I also needed a focus to escape the crazy. I soon discovered fragrance has a positive effect on my family's anxious state of mind.

Creating a candle that offered a beautiful relaxing aroma and accessorising our home décor helped transport us to our calm sanctuary. A candle is one of ‘life’s little luxuries’.

This made me think, that if the healing power of fragrance worked for my family then maybe I could help other people improve their wellbeing. So, Heart & Soul Candle Co. was created from the need for a moment of calm amongst the chaos.

Heart & Soul continues to grow, with new & exciting products launching all the time.

I hope you enjoy browsing my shop & hopefully, I have something to tempt you to treat yourself!

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Behind The Heart & Soul

Scent plays an important role in the human sensory experience, I believe that quality fragrance can help to enhance our mood, scent can be a vehicle for presence and can therefore elevate our wellbeing & create a happy & healthy mind.  Whilst some fragrances  evoke memories, others can temporarily transport the mind to places far away.  And nowadays who  could not benefit from having some guilt free 'Me Time' ?!



It was important for the brand to have a solid set of values, passionately focussing on being ethical, responsible & sustainable. I am proud to say that each & every one of Heart & Soul products are individually hand poured by myself to ensure quality & consistency using only the finest ingredients, that are sourced from UK suppliers. I use a blend of coconut & soy wax for our container candles, lead free cotton wicks & the highest quality fragrance oils that are body safe & free from toxic ingredients, the same high quality oils that are used in luxury perfumes

I am proud to say that all of the ingredients used are, vegan friendly,NOT tested on animals & paraben free . I will always consider & use the best eco friendly alternative to plastic, a few examples; wrapping wax melts in recyclable glassine paper as an alternative to plastic clamshells, recycling packaging from suppliers and using paper tape to package your parcels.


Self care means something different to us all, if like me, taking some time to rest at home & appreciate the little things can be very powerful & uplifting.I particularly love how fragrance makes my home feel welcoming & cosy. For this very reason, Heart & Soul Candles are presented in stunning & stylish glassware, not just a candle but a beautiful accessory to your home interior, our candle vessels can be recycled but why waste them, they can be repurposed and used as anything from trinket vases to glamorous plant pots! I would love to see your creative photos on Instagram !


Whether you are buying a gift for family or friends or treating yourself, I really do hope that Heart & Soul Candle Co meets your needs & becomes your home fragrance brand of choice.

♥From my home to yours, Tanya x ♥

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