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The Bubble & Knot Decorative Candle Set
  • The Bubble & Knot Decorative Candle Set

    The Heart & Soul Pillar Candle Collection has been developed with style & sophistication at its heart, whether you are inspired by soft neutral shades of pastels or more dramatic contemporary colors, the chic shapes & lines of our candles are guaranteed to compliment your interior space.


    This decorative candle set includes the Bubble & Knot, which are the perfect accessory to compliment your dressing table, shelf display, or coffee table.


    These pretty candles make unique sentimental & thoughtful gifts for friends, family, and colleagues as well as housewarming gifts & even wedding guest favors.


    They are far too cute to burn, but if you do choose to light the wick, then please follow the below instructions.



    Bubble - H -9cm W-5cm Burn Time-35hrs

    Knot - Size: 6cm X 5cm, 68g(approx)


    • Heart & Soul Pillar Candles make the perfect decorative accessory, but if you do choose to burn them, we recommend placing them on a candle plate to protect surfaces from any dripping wax.

      Although the candles have been tested & designed to not drip, many factors can affect the way a candle burns, for example, uneven surface, draft, and untrimmed wick.

      If the wax is dripping too much, then extinguish the flame & trim the wick.
      Never leave a lit candle unattended

      Do not burn candles near any flammable materials

      Heart & Soul Pillar Candles are hand-poured from a blend of eco-friendly, vegan natural mineral wax & cotton wicks. Due to the handmade nature of this collection & delivery process, please allow for minor imperfections. The actual color may differ slightly from the image. Our Pillar candles are hand-poured to order, so please allow 5-7 days before dispatch.

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