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Room & Linen Perfume -  Floral & Fruity Scents

Room & Linen Perfume - Floral & Fruity Scents

Enhance the ambiance of your home with our Floral & Fruity Room & Linen Perfume. We have designed these sprays for you to easily personalise your home scent & create an invigorating & inviting haven.


Heart & Soul Room & Linen perfume is currently available in our signature 100ml grey glass bottle.


Heart & Soul room perfumes are highly scented with 8% high-quality perfume oil & body-safe perfumer alcohol, which means you are guaranteed a room & linen mist that will last for hours rather than minutes.

  • Spray onto items from at least 15 inches away
    Do not directly spray onto delicate fabrics or furnishings that can be stained easily,  open flames or other heat sources.

    Not  tested on animals


    Perfumers' alcohol, fragrance oil

    Please refer to the CLP  for allergen information

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