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  • Pink Daisy Hand painted Taper Candles

    These Pink Daisy hand-painted dinner taper candles are perfect for adding aesthetic to your dining table, guests are sure to be the envy of your candle decor, or maybe gifting to a friend for a special occasion.


    Our hand-painted Taper candles are made to order, so you can be assured that they are personal to you or the person they are being gifted to.


    These beautiful candles are hand painted to order, I do mix my paints so please bear in mind that the design  & color may differ slightly from the image shown.


    I am more than happy to do a bespoke design or if you would like them personalised then please email me your ideas, i would love to help bring your ideas to life.


    Taper candles: 25cm tall


    Because these candles are handpainted to order, i am not able to accept returns or refunds, unless, of course, they are faulty upon receipt of delivery.

    • Candles have been painted with non-toxic acrylic paint & coated with a layer of non-toxic sealant.

      These candles need to be handled carefully as it is possible to scratch the painting.

      If you choose to burn these candles , be awaare that the paint will affect the burn, and it is possible wax will drip. so place them on a protective surface to catch any possible drips of wax.

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