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natural soy wax candle, highly scented, long lasting scent
  • The Bella - Natural Soy Candle

    The beautiful Bella Natural Soy Candle offers endless elegance & sophistication to any home interior decor, once the candle has finished the Bella vessel can be repurposed as a very stylish addition to your home accessory collection, your creativity is endless!


    Our scented candles will captivate your senses & instantly boost your mood, whether you want to add a cosy ambiance to your lounge, a blissful candle-lit bath, or transform your bedroom into a relaxing sanctuary after a long day, Heart & Soul Candle Co will help you achieve your feeling of wellness & self-care.

    ♥ Hand Made in the UK
    ♥270g Natural wax scented candle
    ♥ Burn time approx. 55-65hours
    ♥Cotton Wick
    ♥ Soy / Coconut Wax



    ♥ Our home fragrance is paraben-free, crurlty-free & vegan friendly. We use sustainable cocosoy wax,  natural diffuser bases and phthalate free fragrance oils to provide a gorgeous scent to travel through your home. All products are hand poured in small batches from my shop in Northamptonshire.


    ♥To enhance your feeling of calm, why not layer the scent from your candles with a Heart & Soul Diffuser?

    ♥Please refer to the candle care & safety page.

    • SANDALWOOD SPA - A beautiful combination of relaxing Bergamot, blended with Oud, Frankincense & Sandalwood.

      DATE NIGHT - An addictive wood & amber scent, with notes of cardamom and spice. Imagine your dream date night, he would smell like this !

      GOOD FOR THE SOUL - Nothing beats sitting somewhere peaceful & watching a beautiful sunset, seeing the majestic beauty of a colourful blaze, allowing you a moment to clear your mind of any worries and focusing on the little things that make you happy. Well, this is the feeling you will get burning this candle. Your room will be filled with the scintillating dance of aromas of Himalayan cedar & jasmine, white florals and precious woods warmed by amber.

      SLOW DOWN - If life is too consuming  & you feel overwhelmed, this beautiful scent of white lavender, jasmine & creamy musk will help slow down the noise and give you time to relax & reset. Run a bath & light this candle for some well-deserved 'you time'.

      HAPPINESS - This beautiful Neroli scent can only be described as 'A breath of fresh air'  with its fresh & uplifting aroma. The Aromatic herbal top notes with accents of freshly cut basil entwined with a beautiful neroli heart will have you dancing in your kitchen to your favourite song & your heart will be full of happiness & optimism.

      HARMONY - A warming sweet woody scent of bergamot,  rich sticky balsamic, sandalwood &  patchouli, will fill your home with the aura of harmony and happiness, perfect when you need some time to reflect & reassess. 

      SERENITY - A rich oriental fragrance opening with sparkling citrus top notes leading to a heart of lush lavender and resting on a substantive base of tonka bean and amber. This is just a delightful scent that fills the room with relaxing vibes.

      RHUBARB ROSE - Nothing gives a scent some pizazz like a splash of rhubarb. A crisp mouth-watering rhubarb fragrance smoothed by tea rose and hints of pineapple resting on a base of musk, velvety woods, and dry fruits. This is pure happiness in a candle with maybe a whiff of nostalgia for childhood memories of freshly picked rhubarb dipped in sugar!

      TIME TO FEEL CALM -  Close your eyes and imagine being surrounded by the warm, aromatic aura of frankincense blending harmoniously with the rich, inviting notes of warm amber, rock rose, and myrrh. This captivating scent will most definitely indulge your sensory experience & fill your home with a feeling of tranquillity.

      The scent of Frankincense has been recognised to help lower feelings of anxiety, so there is no excuse to 'light the candle' and enjoy a moment of calm. 

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