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90g candles wedding favors

The Bambino Candle - Wedding Favour Candles

The Bambino candles are an ideal size for testing how good our candles are before buying one of our bigger ones, wedding favours, or maybe to take with you when travelling.


These cute 'Baby Candles' are 90g and offer an average of 20hrs of scented burn time.

Just because they are small does not mean we love them any less, they will be lovingly packaged in one of our branded drawstring bags (which can also be repurposed !) Which makes them a perfect gift for a friend's birthday or special occasion or just as a gift to let someone know you are thinking of them.


💕Discounts are given for larger orders for wedding favours /baby shower favours, please message me directly with your enquiries💕

  • All candles will be supplied with candle care instructions & CLP labelling 

  • STAYCATION-  There is now no need to holiday in the hills of Tuscany, you can simply Indulge yourself in the aroma of citrus, herbs & leafy freshness on a base of the sophisticated softness of precious woods & amber with our beautiful staycation scent. Just pour yourself an Aperol Spritz & light the candle!

    SMELLS LIKE SUMMER - A luxury citrus fragrance with notes of juicy mandarin, lemongrass and lime accompanied by basil and thyme with a twist of spearmint. This uplighting bright scent will raise your feel-good vibes, you will want to pour yourself a G&T, grab your shades and go outside to increase those Vitamin D levels.

    TIME TO FEEL CALM -  Close your eyes and imagine being surrounded by the warm, aromatic aura of frankincense blending harmoniously with the rich, inviting notes of warm amber, rock rose, and myrrh. This captivating scent will most definitely indulge your sensory experience & fill your home with a feeling of tranquillity.

    The scent of Frankincense has been recognised to help lower feelings of anxiety, so there is no excuse to 'light the candle' and enjoy a moment of calm. 

    Rum & Almond Cake- A scrumptious bakery of almond, dark rum, cedar & patchouli; enhanced by amber & sweet musk.

    Bookstore -The enjoyment of sitting with a captivating book in a cosy chair offers a sense of calm like no other. Let the fragrant illusion of dried rose, Violet, saffron & thyme whisk you away to a place of wonder & discovery if only to escape the noise of everyday life.

    Rhubarb Rose - Nothing gives a scent some pizazz like a splash of rhubarb. A crisp mouth-watering rhubarb fragrance smoothed by tea rose and hints of pineapple resting on a base of musk, velvety woods, and dry fruits. This is pure happiness in a candle with maybe a whiff of nostalgia for childhood memories of freshly picked rhubarb dipped in sugar!

    Serenity -A rich oriental fragrance opening with sparkling citrus top notes leading to a heart of lush lavender and resting on a substantive base of tonka bean and amber. This is just a delightful scent that fills the room with relaxing vibes.

    Harmony - A warming sweet woody scent of bergamot, rich sticky balsamic, sandalwood & patchouli, will fill your home with the aura of harmony and happiness, perfect when you need some time to reflect & reassess.

    Beautiful Life - Let the oriental notes of bergamot, grapefruit &  orange blossom & vanilla fill your home with a sweet, feel-good, cosy fragrance and believe that Life is Beautiful.

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