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    'Tablescaping' is the art of dressing up your dining table, it's time to make mealtimes feel special  & Heart & Soul Taper Candles are perfect for these occasions such as date nights, birthdays & anniversaries. Our Tapers are also a fabulous way to add decorative solutions to every empty surface in your home.


    These tapers manipulate the form of a traditional candlestick but with a modern twist. I have designed these to enhance any interior design, when paired with our other pillar candles you can personalise your artistic candle curation.


    Our Tablescape collection is sold in a pack of 4,  a mixture of 4 different designs, unscented & will be carefully packaged in our branded eco-friendly packaging & ready for you to display & enjoy whilst being the envy of your visitors!

    Due to the handmade nature of this collection, no 2 candles will be the same, so please expect individuality with colour & design. The actual colour may differ slightly from the image on your screen.

    • If you would like to request a colour mix that i have not listed, then please email me prior to placing order.

    • Heart & Soul Pillar Candles make the perfect decorative accessory, but if you do choose to burn them , we recommend placing them on a candle plate to protect surfaces from any dripping wax.

      Although the candles have been tested & designed to not drip, there are many factors that can affect the way a candle burns, for example, uneven surface, draft, untrimmed wick.

      If the wax is dripping too much, then extinguish the flame & trim the wick.

      Never leave a lit candle unattended

      Do not burn candles near any flammable materials

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